1. What is Enroute?
    Enroute is a cool new startup that has made it its purpose to improve the overall experience for travellers when using mobility services such as ComfortDelGro taxis, by reducing the costs and offering its platform to improve user experience. Enroute provides the platform you can shop on online retailers, collect ComfortPoints and ride for FREE.
  2. Is Enroute based in Singapore?
    No, Enroute is an Israeli tech company, with Headquarters in Tel Aviv.
  3. Why is ComfortDelGro Taxi collaborating with Enroute?
    Enroute and ComfortDelGro partner to improve CDG’s customers’ experience. Together, Enroute and ComfortDelGro have realised that the additional offering of a shopping platform that allows for free rides will substantially improve the service offering of ComfortDelGro and can help to further drive the trend towards greener shared mobility usage.
  4. What are the brands and retailers that are currently listed on Enroute?
    As of today, you can shop with these brands on Enroute:
    • Zalora,
    • Flipkart,
    • LN-CC,
    • SSense,
    • Puma,
    • Under Armour,
    • Charles & Keith,
    • Michael Kors,
    • Banggood,
    • Hipvan,
    • Paul Smith,
    • Brooks Brothers
      … and many more
  5. What is the currency listed on Enroute?
    Singapore Dollars
  6. What are the benefits of purchasing items via Enroute?
    Enroute and ComfortDelGro reward you for shopping with the platform. For every purchase you make, you receive ComfortPoints, which you can voucher in for FREE rides with ComfortDelGro! That means you can save money while doing what you do anyways. Furthermore, we offer you a smart shopping feed with hot recommendations, tailored to what you may like, making shopping online more fun and interactive.
  7. What is the estimated delivery period of my purchased items?
    This depends on the retailer and the possibilities for fast shipping, etc. On average, this is no different to any other form of online shopping.
  8. Will the products be shipped locally or from overseas?
    This depends on the retailer, however, Enroute aims to cooperate with local retailers as well as international brands.
  9. Will my items be delivered by local brand retailers?
    This depends on the brands.
  10. Who should I approach if I have questions about the product that I wish to purchase?
    In this case, you should approach the retailer in question. Neither Enroute, nor ComfortDelGro are involved with the production, sale, shipping or service around the purchasable items on the platform.

    With every other question please reach out to c[email protected]
  11. What should I do if I wish to cancel/change the order after my purchase?
    You can cancel your order within the terms of the concerned retailer. Note, however, that if you cancel your order, no ComfortPoints will be forwarded to your account.
  12. What should I do if I have cancelled the order but the refund has not reached me?
    Please contact the retailer. The purchase does not run through us, but is made directly with them, meaning that neither Enroute nor ComfortDelGro is in any position to help you.
  13. What should I do if the item delivered to me is incorrect or defective?
    Please contact the retailer and ask for them to send you a new article – Again, neither Enroute nor ComfortDelGro are involved with the production, sale, shipping or service around the purchasable items on the platform.
  14. Can I still purchase items through Enroute even though I am not booking or taking any taxi?
    Yes, you can also use Enroute from your home, workplace or really any other place in the world by using the CityCab app.
  15. What should I do if my order does not appear in the cart?
    Please contact the retailer. Enroute forwards you to their online shop, meaning we cannot control the technical issues within the retailers’ stores.


  1. How many ComfortPoints will I earn for each item that I have purchased via Enroute?
    This depends on the price of the product and the retailer you made the purchase with.
  2. Why are different ComfortPoints given for different products?
    Enroute receives a commission for every purchase you make within the platform. This commission is forwarded to you, translated into ComfortPoints. However, depending on the retailer, this commission varies, which is why ComfortPoints vary with the retailer and the costs of the product.
  3. How many ComfortPoints do I get for every S$1 spent?
    It varies for every retailer. However, on average, you get around 10 ComfortPoints for every dollar spent (Note that this is an average. We do not guarantee this in any single case).
  4. Will I get ComfortPoints if I purchase the same item from a physical retail store in Singapore instead?
  5. When are ComfortPoint usually credited into my account for the purchase made through Enroute?
    Up to 7 days from your purchase date
  6. How do I know that the ComfortPoints earned with my purchase have been credited to my account?
    After you complete your purchase you will get a notification (to your email and app inbox) with the exact number of new ComfortPoints you earned.
  7. Do I have to wait for my purchased items to be delivered before ComfortPoints are credited into my account?
    We credit you with ComfortPoints as soon as we get notified by the retailer that the purchase have been made. It usually takes a few days to verify you haven’t cancelled your order.
  8. How do I verify that the number of ComfortPoints credited into my account and the amount charged is correct?
    Enroute shows you how many ComfortPoints you should earn with any given product, before you buy it. This way you can verify that you have received the correct number of ComfortPoints.
  9. What should I do if ComfortPoints that I received for my purchase are incorrect?
    Please contact [email protected]
  10. What should I do if ComfortPoints are not given to me even after seven working days?
    Please contact [email protected]
  11. Can ComfortPoints be used to offset my purchases on Enroute?
  12. What can ComfortPoints be used to redeem?
  13. Where can I check how many ComfortPoints I have in total?
  14. How long can I keep the ComfortPoints for?