How Enroute Can Aid with the Rising Gas Prices

26th of July 2022, by Enroute

The world is turned around amidst rising gas prices due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. In America, the average gas price lies at $4.981, just shy of 5 dollars per gallon, when one year ago the gas price averaged at 3.07 dollars/gallon. These gas prices have had an impact on many, as people are spending around double on gas than normal. Rideshare services and public transportation are helping to aid these impacts by providing mass transit for all and deducting the essential need for personal gas purchasing.  People are expected to have to pay about $2500 extra per year on average for gas which can be detrimental for families and singles. 

There is a lot of concern on why and how operations will work soon. The New York Times reported that there has even been violence in countries such as Ghana due to protesters of the new addition to economic hardships, where police tear gassed and fired rubber bullets at protestors (New York Times).  Mass transit is a staple in the Israeli lifestyle, and with the expansion of the Red Line coming later this year, there is the hopes to take over 15,000 car users off the streets and move them underground (Globes). 

Israeli Railways are dubbed some of the best in the Middle East, running on a timely schedule, the ability to preload your ticket, and free Wi-Fi and A/C. The buses are are only 10.90 ILS (around $3 USD) , and you can use a pass called a Rav-Kav to upload.

 This is where the utilization of services such as Enroute can help promote these healthy practices of ride share and mass transit, by providing incentives for taking these transit options. Our mission is to allow for reduced pricing for customers while using our platform in order to make using ride-sharing and mass-transit more appealing. We want to help to reduce the cost of these rides by allowing people to shop from their favorite stores online and with every purchase get money off of the ride. It is a way to motivate people to take these mass transit opportunities, and really have a low-stress and hands-free commute in the morning.