Things to do on your commute

18th of September 2022, Enroute

Commuting. Not everyone’s favorite way to start their morning, but clearly an essential way to transport to and from work for many. In Israel, the average commute time is a whopping 47 minutes, with many patrons living outside of the major cities of innovation, such as Tel Aviv. Commuting may at first seem boring, but when you really think about it, it’s an opportunity for you to do awesome things while the world passes you by. We decided to compile some ways to let the time pass just a little bit easier while sitting in the bus taking you to work.

Listen to a podcast

These days podcasts are the most innovative way to be entertained or receive many types of information. There are thousands of podcasts for every single mood out there, about everything from lifestyle to economy to serial killers. They are a listening experience for all with a hands-free feel that provides a convenient way to relax and escape.

Schedule your week

Work weeks are hectic. There are events, meetings, deadlines, and – there are also outside of work appointments and household chores. Cleaning the windows, changing the bed sheets, laundering the curtains – all things that we often forget to put on our typical day-to-day to-do lists. So take the hour of commute to settle all of your issues and create a checklist of what you want to get done that week. Make sure you do not overbook yourself and also leave time to relax. This will help motivate you to start!

Call a loved one

Moments are fleeting, and it is easy to let time slip by! Humans get caught up in their daily lives and activities, that we sometimes forget to call people we have not spoken to in a while or those who may live far.  A call from you will brighten up their day and allow you to reflect on positive times – and, it will make your train ride go so much faster!


As said above, it is easy to get wrapped up in responsibility and anxiety and stress arise due to being too busy or having strenuous work to do. Your travel time could be the only part of your day when you get to yourself, so keep yourself content. The ultimate goal of meditation is inner peace and a higher level of consciousness. So just make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a deep breath and free your mind on your way home!

Learn a new language

Your commute doesn’t have to be a waste of time. Quite the opposite holds true: It is the perfect time to squeeze in a little learning in your day. You have always been dreaming about visiting South America at one point in live? So why not preparing to your trip and taking the time to learn some Spanish!

Get your ride for free!

What if our Enroute team tells you that you can actually save money while sitting in your morning commute? Sounds interesting? And, what if when all you have to do for that is – some shopping at your favorite retailer! So just sit back, take your phone and scroll through their shopping feed. Buy that nice summer dress you’ve been having in mind for weeks now and get back the money you paid for your ride! Easy as that!